"Stalker" film festival in Tambov

HUMRA begins the travel on Russia regions!
The first display will take place within the "Stalker" International film festival on human rights in Tambov.
Audience will see two episodes of animation serial "HUMRA. A Story about humanoid rights". The first run of this film was at which premiere took at the "Stalker" festival in Moscow. Besides that we will show the amateur animation made by children and youth on our workshops under the leadership of professional animators.

There will be following animation film in the program:
1. "Who is in charge here?" (Grand Prix at the "Shortform" International Short Film Festival, Serbia).
2. "Bubbles" (Awarded a special mention by jury of the "Stupeni" International human rights film festival in Ukraine).
3. "The wall", created by pupils from Chechnya,
and other works which appeared within the HUMRA project.

After display the audience will have an opportunity to discuss our works with experts of the project. They will tell in more detail how each animation was created, why this particular topics was touched on and how the process of creation "HUMRA. A Story about humanoid rights" is going on.

The realise will take place at 17 o’clock in "Na Stepana Razina" cinema hall.
Russia, Tambov
"Na Stepana Razina" cinema hall