Our animation films at the Diversity festival

The final event of the Diversity festival–2016, which takes place these days in Moscow and Moscow region will  be held at the "Flacon" design–zavod on August 13.
The rich program of the festival will involve animation films too. The HUMRA team invites you to the presentation of the social animation which was created during the project.
After the screening guests of the festival will have the opportunity to debate with experts and project coordinators such topics as: what means human being, what are rights, what is freedom and what is the role of animation in the discussion of these and other complex issues.

The event will start at 15.30 on the second floor of the «Khafedra» space at the "Flacon" design–zavod.
The main idea of the Diversity festival is the development of cooperation in the culture and social sphere between ethnic minorities in Europe.
Russia, Moscow
"Flacon" design-zavod
"Khafedra" space