An evening on the Social Responsibility of Animation

In the Big Cartoon Festival HUMRA will hold an "Social Responsible Animated Film Evening". It will open a discussion on "What is the value of social responsible art?", in which such well known artists and experts as Dina Goder, Alexei Iorsh, Pavel Shvedov and Leonid Krivenok will take part. The moderator of the evident will be the freelance curator Olga Vostretsova (Leipzig/Moscow). After the discussion an award ceremony will take place for the authors of the best slogans for the HUMRA project and the premiere of the first two series of our animated serial will take place!

At the end of the evening there will be a photo session and people will be free to mill around with Heliopatis music in the background.

Entrance is free.
See you at the "Fabrika" Centre for Creative Industries!