Discussion "Art in activism / Activism in art"

Our team has been working at the interface of culture and activism almost for three years.
So, it is time, to sum up, the results with experts and the audience!
We would like to speak about the boundaries of activist art and social activism, collaborative work of an artist and an activist, etc.
Mikhail Gnedovsky, the leading analyst of the Moscow Center of Museum Development will moderate the discussion.
The invited guests are:

In the end of the evening, we will present for the first time the educational series "HUMRA. Stories about human rights", created by the well-known artist Heehoos and Konstantin Komardin Studio.
You cannot come on Saturday? Our animation series will be screened in DK "Delay sam/a" day-long on Sunday!
See you soon!
Russia, Moscow
DK "Delay sam/a"