The rusults of the "War Is Not the Answer" contest are published! More information: facebook, VK, YouTube.

“War is not the answer!”

International short film contest for peace on earth.

What should I do to participate?

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the competition carefully.
  2. Create a video or animation film that follows the terms and conditions of the competition and upload it to YouTube.
  3. Send us a link to the video, along with your contact information by November 13 and complete a short questionnaire.
Have any questions? Send them to the competition coordinator by email, at but we suggest that you read this information right to the end first, as we explain everything.

What will the winners receive?

  • 1st place — an Intel iCore7 laptop designed for video editing.
  • 2nd place — a semi-professional Canon DSLR camera.
  • 3rd place — a Tascam portable voice recorder.
But most importantly: you have the opportunity to let the international community know that you care, knowing that you will be heard.

What is this competition all about?

Humanity is experiencing difficult times in which conflicts are starting to escalate. There are news reports on an almost daily basis about armed clashes in a number of global hotspots. It is almost as if we have accepted this as normality, the background to our everyday life, but WAR IS NOT NORMALITY, even if it takes place in another country. War is a tragedy that befalls thousands upon thousands of people, and this requires some kind of reaction for any right-minded and caring individual. We know that there are many people who feel the need to do something, to avert war, to declare that they are not indifferent. The international HUMRA project invites all interested parties from Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine to take part in the “HUMRA: War Is Not the Answer” international short film competition.
The aim of any peacekeeping initiative is to avert war. The aim of this contest is to strengthen the general yearning for peace, to draw together all those who are not indifferent, and to make sure that their opinions are heard and understood in a variety of different countries.

Examples of competition films from the HUMRA project

Films such as these are perfectly acceptable in terms of quality, because the most important thing is your idea; filming skills will come with time!


The Wall




With support

You can find more information to answer any question that may arise and also find the latest news on the pages of the "War is not the answer" competition on Facebook and Create a film and express your commitment to peace!