Who Is in Charge Here?

Director, film writer, head animator: Collective work under the leadership of Roman Sokolov
Animation Studio “Da”, St. Petersburg
Country: Russia
Duration: 5.40 min.
Year: 2015

Grand Prix in the International Short Film Festival "Shortform", Serbia.
3rd place in "International Students Mini" category of the "Anim!Arte", Brazil.

The animation film was shot for the HUMRA project. The script, heroes and the whole film arose in the course of a week‑long workshop in Saint Petersburg. This is a story about how in the modern world there are so many ridiculous rules and regulations! And who is the boss, who is responsible for everything? In the animation film, we witness the fate of a man who refuses to fulfill strange and unexplainable rules for the security of citizens. Who knows what will come of all this?