Director, film writer, head animator: Collective work under the leadership of teachers of the Telescope Studio
Country: Russia, Voronezh  
Duration: 6 min. 26 sec. 
Year: 2015

The main character of the animation film, created by high school students in the framework of the project HUMRA, is a wanderer. He is not like everyone else: he's not made of clay, not carved from cardboard, hу hasn't a round head, he painted on paper and has long ears. The Wanderer travels to different worlds‑bubbles and faced with indifference, discrimination, obtrusion of opinions on others.
The bubbles in the animation film to play the role of boundaries between societies, people, and their interests. At the end, the Wanderer himself also begins to blow them.
Whether it is the beginning of a new story? Does it maybe that he created bubbles for yourself? Or maybe the Wanderer wants to create the ideal world thus?