Feature animated film

The feature animated film created by professionals.
Teaser of "HUMRA. A Story about humanz rights"
The teaser of our animated serial is about how it is difficult to put human rights ideals into practice.
HUMRA. A story about humanz rights [Pilot episode 1]
The first pilot episode of the animation series created in the framework of the international educational project HUMRA.
HUMRA. A story about humanz rights [Pilot episode 2]
What is the unit of measurement?

Amateur Animation

Animation films created during our workshops.
What kind of dragons are you afraid of?
Correction Work
How is the society where nobody has ever heard about human rights?

Who Is in Charge Here?
A story of how there are so many ridiculous rules and regulations in the contemporary world!
Condition: Freedom
Сan you defeat your fear?
Artificial Selection
15minutes before the collision with an asteroid the heroes of the animation film had to solve a very difficult question: "Who should be rescued?"
How we can find a common language?
Whether everywhere children can do what they want?
On the Hook
How far could you run from yourself?
The wanderer travels through various worlds, comes up against indifference and discrimination. What does all this lead to?
The old house
What to choose: safety or adventures?
The Wall
Where have walls come from? And how can we demolish them?
The House
How does it feel like to be different from others and have a different appearance and a different world view.
Every man
Free associations of children on the human rights.
What to do when everyone around you are saying that black is white?

Educational videos

The series created in collaboration with experts on human rights.
1. HUMRA. Stories about Human Rights
"The Three R's: Rules, Rule of Law and Rights"
2. HUMRA. Stories about Human Rights
"The State and Minorities"
3. HUMRA. Stories about Human Rights
"Human Rights: History"
4. HUMRA. Stories about Human Rights
"The First Four Fundamental Rights"
5. HUMRA. Stories about Human Rights
"A Fair System of Justice. Protection of Privacy"
7. HUMRA. Stories about Human Rights
"Humanz Rights Defenders"